Big is back!

My phi_big_font library supports displaying big 3*5 dot matrix characters and numbers on HD44780 character displays. Since arduino has upgraded to 1.0, there have been constant requests to get this library upgraded to support arduino 1.0

I’ve finally done it! Please get the most recent version on my google code site:

Don’t forget if you really really like my libraries, donate $5 to my cause.  Thanks!

BTW, I’ll make some changes to phi_super_font to upgrade it to arduino 1.0 compatible too.

Phi big fonts available as a library

After some initial success, I made some major upgrading, the phi_big_font has rolled out of the “Liudr factory”

Here is how big they look, on a 20X4 screen, showing both regular and inverted fonts.

Details are in the phi_big_font library page.

A video:

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