Big font

This is another inspiration I drew from the Arduino forum and sparkfun’s contest on a while ago:
I’ve seen several examples of using “Big numbers” to display time on a 16X2 character display.
I’ve seen JO3RI doing animations on a 16X2 character display.
So I asked myself, why can’t someone come up with a way to double up the size of the 16X2 character display, not just ten numbers, but all alphabets, then it’d be useful as a larger display! Time, Speed, Direction, etc.
I’ve brewed this for a while (between last night and this morning), tada!

You can see that I intentionally scaled my images down so small that it would hurt to read the standard size fonts (click to zoom) but the large font is just fine. I made an estimate with it. I can read the clock from about 4 meters (13ft) away just fine, while the standard text is visible less than half that distance away.


The entire thing is for now resident in SRAM (please don’t blame me. I’ve been on this since lunch. I need a break, critic and encouragement before I squeeze memory)

Everything has been integrated smoothly in my phi-menu system now.

If you just want these large fonts, take the following code, but if you want all the interactive features, you need the phi-menu.

Nutshell version code

Full version code (up soon)

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