What is this?

Thanks to arduino forum and warm-hearted friends near and far, I have had another great success trading my shields for computer-related stuff. I got tons of old games from a local friend. Now I have DOOM! DOOM-2 and my disappointing purchase of DOOM-3 🙂 Another friend sent old CPUs all the way from France! I even got this one from a friend in CA:

What is it? I know the answer, do you? 😉

By the way, I am now open to trade all my shields for computer stuff, mostly cpus since I don’t have much space at home, also classic computer games (original, preferred on floppies). Drop me a message!

4 Responses to What is this?

  1. fkeel says:

    what is it? please tell…

  2. Pablo Garcia says:

    lol old IBM platter iv seen those awww i feel old now >.> 30 >.<

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