Generate character LCD images for illustration

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The above are definitely not pictures I took on my LCD but look just like one, only much better. How did I make them? I have recently made a Phi-1 shield with 16X2 character LCD on it. Here is a way I found to generate perfect character LCD images for manuals. How did I make them? I used Word.

First install the Ericsson font from dafont lcd font page 7:

Then in Word, type the message you want, and pad with enough characters so both lines are 16 characters. Say if you want “Read data list”, you want to type “Read data listaa”. Then select everything, then use green high lighter. Then choose the padding “aa”, use the same green as the font color so they will be invisible and all you see is “Read data list [2 spaces]”. Tada!

Here is more illustration:

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