Updated photogate shield PCB – simple

I’ve decided to get rid of the buttons and LCD connector and make a bare minimal PCB for those that are only interested in using Arduino for photogates. This shield should work with both Pasco and ScienceSource photogates. I’ve used Pasco gates since the summer. I asked the tech at ScienceSource. Their gates are compatible with Pasco.
Here is schematic:

Here is the board:

Design file:

Simple photogate shield design

You can download it and have it made at a PCB online service. But making one or two is very costly (>$20 per board). If you want these made. Leave your contact info as a comment (your email address in the email field is not published) and I could coordinate an effort to bacth make for low cost (<$10 per board).

You will need a couple of 3.5 mm to 1/4 stereo plug adapter to connect to Pasco or ScienceSource gates. If you use the smaller gates, here’s the PCB for the smaller gates ($2.5 from various vendors). The part number is Sharp IA57HR:

Design files:

Simple photogate shield design

Again just getting a couple of these made will cost around $20, but batch make saves a lot (a few bucks each). Let me know if you want these.

Download these programs:

PC software

Arduino source code

3 Responses to Updated photogate shield PCB – simple

  1. Brian Huang says:

    Hi – I’m not sure if you’re still checking this, but I would be interested in ordering maybe 6 – 8 boards… Assuming that they work and don’t need any revisions? I currently work at a high school, and I think an Arduino solution is precisely what we need to accomplish some basic timing systems.

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